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"You can do anything, my friend;
you're a flower from rainless earth."

Fiora: Full Bloom is a turn-based RPG where you play as a single character surviving the Droughtlands, where instead of equipping armor and weapons, you equip Identities that completely change your stats and skills.

You wake up each morning needing to fight to get to water, but at the start of the story you lack what you need to defeat the shadows that roam the Droughtlands, so you will just have to submit to them.

This game's story is wrapped in metaphor, inspired by symbolic stories like Revolutionary Girl Utena, and uses RPG gameplay as part of that metaphor. While some parts of the game may come off as inscrutable or confusing,  ultimately your experience of those mechanics is the real game, and where the game has something concrete to say, it says it plainly.

Please install the fonts.

All money made from purchasing this game will go to Black and Trans crowdfunds. 

Logo art by Lucy Lou. Cover art by Miri.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
AuthorsAngie Nyx, lavendersiren, bisexualcommando
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsFemale Protagonist, RPG Maker, Transgender
Average sessionAbout an hour


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Neat!! There are many little things I enjoyed about this but I think my favorite moments were the things that took place after obtaining the final identity. Having to learn one's way around a new identity while still facing past struggles, only to be faced with a new struggle as you learn what you're capable of - very clever, and the final boss is suitably tense while doing a good job of breaking the player out of the combat loop that was working for the previous fight. I was also particularly taken by the symbolism of the discarded hoodie, it's so simple but I loved it nonetheless. 

As someone who is cisgendered but sometimes struggles with a detachment from my "self", this work feels relatable while also giving just a little window into the experience of how that detachment interacts with gender dysphoria for some folks. The pace was nice and brisk and in spite of that I could tell that there was a clear effort to prevent the message of the work from feeling too much like a platitude. As one extra separate note, I really enjoyed the casting of shadow in the cave fight - it was a moment of striking spectacle given the game's limitations, I liked it! Anyway! That's most of my bigger thoughts, thank you for making this.

Sorry but how do u play this game? i cant understand anything because the wired fonts and symbols and I would really like to play it lol

Oh, check the game files! There should be a folder of fonts you have to install!


amazing work! good job!


WHOA this look like it's going to be uncomfortably relatable, I can't wait :D

Deleted 1 year ago

really enjoyed this! i love how much heavy lifting the names, values and functions of stats do in telling the story, it's a great application of rpg mechanics and really brilliantly tailored to the subject matter too. i love unusual names for stats on principle and appreciated that it wasn't just for show but a site of storytelling and subversion: seeing power and resilience in the top two slots, i assumed they were straightforwardly like attack and defense. learning the truth about them was a little story in itself that i think says a ton (resilience inhibiting recovery is especially cutting) while also feeding into combat strategy and reinforcing the themes of the larger narrative. and i really got to (indeed, had to) engage with these stats since every boss was so long and dangerous and dependent on understanding what my stats were doing (which also made them really satisfying to win, too). overall a really elegantly designed rpg experience in service of a wonderful story, i'm really glad i got to play this. every time i look at a status screen from now on, i'll think of fiora and her massive resolve stat


Thank you for this reply, it's so cool to see someone who really "gets" what I was going for with those stats? Have you checked out the Design Document in the files? It offers a lot more info on every detail of Full Bloom, including both gameplay and narrative info! Also, if you have RPG Maker XP you can go through the project files yourself and do whatever you want with it!


i did, after i finished the game! it was illuminating, there was lots of stuff i never quite put together on my own, like what power actually did (lol). i don't have xp myself but i'll keep my eye out for a sale, i wouldn't mind taking a closer look at the math xD


Beautiful game! It really resonated with me and I'm so thankful that this exists. <3 


I love this character ^^



Hey, hope this helps!


那我改天去试一试 我希望你出个中文版的 用那个机器翻译都可以 那我改天


Fiora: Full Bloom is just wonderful. Playing this made me feel... I guess validated maybe? I could have that wrong, words are hard, but it is what I have got right now. I really haven't seen many games that actually address gender identity, and this does it so well. I was a bit confused at first, since the game does not start out with a tutorial or anything, but figuring it out and being given the tools to figure it out felt right and worked really well. Also, the tilesets, character art, and music are wonderful.

I really enjoyed this and would absolutely recommend it, if you're considering trying it. I hope to see more from FallingStar Games in the future, everything I have seen from them and from the people in them is really good. 

Thanks for making this.


A beautiful game that weaves mechanics and storyline together to tell a touching story about struggles with identity and the oppressive feeling of discovering one's true self.

This game can't be played like a traditional RPG. You can't overcome every enemy, you can't grind EXP (for the most part, some enemies DO give it but its rare), and it's not about winning every encounter.

Instead, it uses RPG mechanics to tell its story. Much is unexplained, and in the beginning its a little confusing, but if you keep going with it, I feel like its a really rewarding experience.

High marks all around! I really enjoyed this and there is so much custom and well made assets and content here! I found this so inspiring and while I would have loved the longer experience described in the post-game, I know how hard that is and I'm super happy to have Fiora how it is here and now!

Thanks again for making this game, this is a jewel and you should all be proud! I'll be looking forward to whatever you make in the future!!! :DDD