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The name equip mechanic was neato.


A very sweet experience; I look forward to what you do next!


I gave this game 5 stars but i also wanna comment! this is a wonderful and touching game, i want to again compliment how polished it feels and the writing is effective as hell with simple and short scenes and scripting- well done! please keep creating!


As a transgender girl myself, this brought a smile to my face. It was so sweet >3<

This was a nice experience~

Question, do you have a Discord? Any image refs of Fiora's desig? 

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Oh hey I'm really glad you liked it! My Discord's Nyx#1760, although don't go sharing it to everybody. There's a few images Nick made as concept art for the game, but most of what I can show is the thought that went into the mechanics, and the sort of reason for the story being the way it is. Once again, it's really cool to hear this kind of thing from people within the trans community, I honestly never thought I'd get this far. If you're interested in contacting me, that's my address, but understand that since me and my team are always working on a game, I may not be able to always be there as one usually would. Thank you for your time, and thanks for playing Fiora!